Angvik Gamle Handelssted

The old white wooden buildings are beautifully situated in the village of Angvik by the Sunndalsfjord – a gem of a hotel tracing its roots back to the 1500s.

Text: Edda Espeland / Translation: Linda Vikaune / Photo: Einar Engdal

Back then Dutch sailing ships anchored in the bay to buy timber, and the Angvik trading post was run by John and Gurianna Angvik. They had 14 children; 12 of them started their own businesses in the little village at Nordmøre and today the fifth generation is involved in the hotel.

Hotellet Angvik Gamle Handelssted – The Old Trading Post – has been restored to a high standard. The hosts aim to find the perfect balance between exclusivity and exquisite quality without losing the informal and homely atmosphere. The hotel has 37 wonderful rooms spread over three floors, most of them with a fjord view. The hotel has prioritised good beds and soft down duvets, all inviting guests to relax and unwind, climb into the lovely bed and get a good night’s sleep – and wake up to the beautiful landscape outside the window. They also have cosy lounges with crackling fires where guests can enjoy the evening with a good book and maybe a glass of wine.

Local delicacies

The Norwegian north-western coast is a treasure trove of short travelled food, and the hotel prides itself on keeping a first class Norwegian and Nordic kitchen. The chef uses as many of the delicacies from the surrounding fjord, forest, fields and mountains as possible. Deer and other game comes from the hotel’s own hunting area, and other local suppliers add quality produce. The expert chefs conjure up exciting menus to be presented in Bøkkerstua, the hotel’s main restaurant, where 40 diners can be served at tables set with white table cloths and a beautiful porcelain dinner service. The five course menu of the day is a highlight for many of the guests. There is always a lot of excitement before the chef reveals his choice of dishes and the daily menu with wine is an important part of the hotel’s character. If any of the guests should think the price of room and board at Angvik is steep, they will understand why after they have had their first five course culinary adventure … Right now the hotel is ranked top for guest satisfaction at the website.

The restaurant also offers two private dining rooms, Kjøpmannstua and Skipperstua, which are perfect for that special occasion.

 Body and mind

Badehuset Spa occupies an old storehouse from the 1700s and a new building with modern design. Just the place to take a break from everyday life, find inspiration and peace, rest and recharge the batteries. This sheltered and still world offers a varied and broad spa menu from facials and body wraps to different kinds of massage, manicure and pedicure and makeup.

It is also possible to relax in a hot tub, a Turkish steam bath or sauna, and afterwards it feels refreshing to cool down with an icy cold shower – or maybe a dip in the fjord. Upstairs in the storehouse there is also a chillout room where guests can bring their favourite book and enjoy a quiet read.

Everyday life is put on hold while you are relaxing at Gamle Angvik Handelssted.

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