Exotic, exciting and different. We have personally selected fantastic hotels from all over Norway, each with its own unique character.

These days the hotel is half the destination to so many of us; we no longer want to stay in sterile and impersonal hotel rooms where everything is so standardised that we hardly know where we are anymore.

A holiday isn’t just about comfort and the number of TV channels in our room, it’s about experiencing places with charm and soul. A stay in a hotel should be like a break from everyday life, a place where we can enjoy ourselves, relax and recharge.

The hotels presented here are all of those things and all have something special to offer, whether it’s an exciting history, a creative concept, beautiful views and surroundings, unique design or unusual culinary delights.

They tell stories of royal guests, celebrities, pilgrims and ghosts; they speak of passionate enthusiasts who have made their hotel their life’s work and restored and recreated original interiors and atmospheres.

They open their doors to give their guests a memory for life.

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